"True Love"***

Love should be expressed in words and action


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5 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. Just thinking…what if the action is misunderstood or somewhat confusing? Is it still love as expressed by the ‘doer’; or should it be ‘love’ only if interpreted as such by both the doer and the recipient of that action ?

    Hope the above made sense…?

    • @naijalines, hmm… let’s look at it this way: if someone gives you a white cup but your eyes see it as black, does it change the fact that the cup is white?
      The same goes with Love. When you express it, even though it’s misunderstood, it wouldn’t change the fact that you expressed Love. So in my opinion, I think Love is universal and when a giver gives love, the receiver’s perception doesn’t change the ‘status’ of Love. 🙂

      What do you think?

  2. well… my own opinion,luv is relative…i mean as a noun or verb.for instance the luv i give to my immediate family will be quite different to what i give to my extended family,likewise to a fling and my special one.moreover love is also determined by so many factors.thanks

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