Nigeria @ 50 – Day 2: “Fix it or die…?”

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It would be easier for me to write a well constructed piece on the reds and the greens of the land and talk ‘plenty’ …but the more I tried to do this, the more my mind, body and spirit kept saying one thing:

Fix Nigeria or die tryin’…

If you can’t fix you or make an attempt to, then you can as well be irrelevant.

What portion of the pie are you baking?

**my sincere sympathy goes out to the victims of the blast that happened in Abuja yesterday. May God grant their families the fortitude to bear the loss. May we not experience such again. Amen.**

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fix nigeria or die tryin'

fix nigeria or die tryin’

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13 thoughts on “Nigeria @ 50 – Day 2: “Fix it or die…?”

  1. …until our souls are fully into ‘it’, we will only continue to speak (& or discourse) great ideas.
    Great ideas or thots do not make the change we want until our (each and everyone of us) little acts and actions consistently and continually reflect these changes we want.

  2. @Jaycee yeah we have to work so hard in creating the changes that we want by talking little responsibilities via joint efforts with other like-minded individuals in making positive community-based actions/projects…..

    @Spesh I believe it can only get better. The crop of new generation youths Nigeria has at the moment is very vibrant and hungry for a change and are already working towards it.

    @Rethots I totally agree with you. Those little acts/actions sincerely undertaken by a group of friends/partners are what Nigeria needs – not insincere, money drunk NGOs.

    @Toyin you are so right, that’s where the problem is. We need to imbibe principles of Altruism. A lot of us focus on self alone.. Lol, I was watching to a young preacher yesterday say something like “…people amass all the wealth to by BIG cars, but are driving it on BAD roads”

    @oluSimeon 🙂 by God’s grace and strength, we will be empowered to fix it or die trying 🙂

    It is well with us all.

  3. nice post
    Nigeria…fix her or die trying
    …it apparently is a lot easier to say, but if the country will permit us, many more of us are willing to make Nigeria a good plave to inhabit
    …God help us all

  4. The ‘die trying’ bit could certainly be a stumbling block to the mentality of the average Nigerian. Perhaps the problem is summed up in that popular John F. Kennedy quote:

    “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

    A lot of Nigerians need to shift their mentality, for Nigeria to be restored to the great nation we’d all enjoy and be proud of.

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