Who you are and what they think


I have been thinking of how best to put this illustration in words and luckily, I found Chris Guillebeau’s post on “who we are and what they say” to be the best expression of the message I want to convey.

#love and #peace.

Ochuko :).

*Wishing muslims around the world a wonderful celebration.

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Nigeria @ 50 – Day 2: “Fix it or die…?”

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It would be easier for me to write a well constructed piece on the reds and the greens of the land and talk ‘plenty’ …but the more I tried to do this, the more my mind, body and spirit kept saying one thing:

Fix Nigeria or die tryin’…

If you can’t fix you or make an attempt to, then you can as well be irrelevant.

What portion of the pie are you baking?

**my sincere sympathy goes out to the victims of the blast that happened in Abuja yesterday. May God grant their families the fortitude to bear the loss. May we not experience such again. Amen.**

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fix nigeria or die tryin'

fix nigeria or die tryin’

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How do you explain this to a potential employer?

That the reason you never stayed at a job for long

and found it hard having a job description

or why you never knew how to answer the “purpose” or “5 years time” question

or why you don’t have a particular ‘set of skills‘…

is because maybe you’re just okay with being a Catalyst.

or so you think.


😀 😀



There’s always something behind that action you took

or are about to take.

Why are you working where you are working?

Why are you in that relationship?

Why do you want to become the President or go into politics?

Some motives are good, some bad.

..money, making a difference, sex, envy, love, etc..

Sometimes, we deceive ourselves on our true motives.

BUT one thing is sure, we are NOT ignorant of our motives.

Search yourself. Watch that motive.