Who you are and what they think


I have been thinking of how best to put this illustration in words and luckily, I found Chris Guillebeau’s post on “who we are and what they say” to be the best expression of the message I want to convey.

#love and #peace.

Ochuko :).

*Wishing muslims around the world a wonderful celebration.

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How do you explain this to a potential employer?

That the reason you never stayed at a job for long

and found it hard having a job description

or why you never knew how to answer the “purpose” or “5 years time” question

or why you don’t have a particular ‘set of skills‘…

is because maybe you’re just okay with being a Catalyst.

or so you think.


😀 😀

The Middle Finger

Raising the middle finger is one of the greatest emotional and logical expressions in life.

It’s best raised to mediocrity and the status quo…

You’re free to raise it to anyone who wants to put you in their box! That includes friends and family.

Use it wisely.

The Middle Finger

Update: Check out this solid blog.. TheMiddleFingerProject.org

The Cute Book…

17 secrets

I came home 2days ago to find a cute little book in the house.
It was orange, colourful and well designed. It caught my attention immediately.

“17 secrets of high flying students” was the title. It was written by Fela Durotoye.

The book as the title goes is written for students. However, after taking a quick glance through the pages of the book, I quickly found out that the book is not only good for students, but for everyone who wants to succeed and  strive for excellence in whatever they do.

Throughout the book, the author tried to share secrets and principles that try to deliver excellence in academic pursuits. The author helps readers understand these principles through the use of stories of individuals who have used these principles or secrets to achieve excellent results.

Secrets like the laws of decision, foresight, motivation, reward, prioritization, concentration, reputation, consistency, admiration, sacrifice, affection, focus, retention, hindsight, self-discovery, appreciation and supernatural are all well laid out beautifully in an easy to read and direct manner.

I strongly recommend this book for every student (primary to secondary to higher institutions) – get one for your kids or siblings or for any kid out there – orphanages, etc.

Project RAISE is in charge of this and they have a mission to put this book into the hands of 12million children.

I was lucky to chat up with the author and immediately sought permission to put this up on Ochuko’s blog, which he obliged. [In the spirit of finding something good and sharing it with others]

I feel this is a good thing to support. This is a good book to read. This could help us avoid the “44th position” challenge.

For more information, visit www.feladurotoye.org and projectraise.org.

To our success and those of our future leaders.


Ochuko 🙂

I’m not dead..

…What if i was? how would you know? how would readers of this blog know? and beautiful tweeps? and the FB crew?

Ok, that’s an issue for another day.

I’ve missed blogging. I’ve missed you all. I’m SORRY. 🙂

In fact, there’s no excuse for not putting up posts. So I won’t go into details.

One sure thing was metamorphosis was doing it’s thing. Talking about metamorphosis, which is the main theme of this blog, I have been battling about the direction of Ochuko’s blog. Where’s the blog going? has this blog really added any value to readers? has it added any value to me? do I keep writing from my heart or make posts more formal? and a whole lot of questions and evaluations.

And then it struck me: “You don’t stop your fast moving car on the expressway just because you are thinking about how better the car will get with new alloy wheels or solid leather seats or a better sound system…” You just DON’T do such things.

So, KEEP MOVING. While moving, plan, change, drop, clean-up, fix, learn, try, test, re-brand.. but keep moving. The success and joy is in the journey. Keep moving people.

Thanks to everyone who kept keeping in touch and urging me to get my a** back on track. 😀

I’m back for real. I’m not dead. Just a phase. Just metamorphosis.. and it was a positive one.

I’m doing more twitter these days too. Follow me: @ochukosblog

Hey.. and Vera’s online radio show.. hmm interesting stuff, you should listen in on it. Visit here for more info.

Cheers people.

Much Love.

Ochuko 🙂

The Rewards Theory


Cast your mind back to the months or weeks preceding the naija bloggers’ awards.

There was a boom in blogville. New blogs came up. I got to meet lots of bloggers. I made friends, networked, read quality, hilarious and life changing posts. I was motivated. It was a great period.

I had just started blogging, but I could feel the warmth, the energy, the family, the motivation…

The success of blogville will always have a connection to those awards (at least in my mind).

As humans, we expect rewards for our acts or services. These rewards could come in different forms.

Reward is a motivator. Reward reinforces. It strengthens. It approves. It is a honour. We all need it even if you don’t acknowledge the fact that you need it.

Truth is, reward is a good thing. It is very natural to need rewards. It keeps us going.

Reward comes in different forms. It doesn’t have to be huge. It’s just:

A little “thank you“.  A little hug.  A little kiss.  A little apology– “I’m sorry.  A warm handshake or holding of hands.

A little bonus.  A little extra.  A little “checking up on you“.  A little donation.  A beautifully crafted SMS.  A quick “flashing“.

A little scolding.  A little explanation.  A little mentoring and guidance.  A little treat.  A little acknowledgment.

An authentic smile.  A little acceptance.  And the rewards list go on…

…and you’d have changed a generation… and you’d have injected energy into humanity… and you’d have saved a life!!

Reward others. Be rewarded.

Have a great week 😀

Conception and Birth

“The power of conception outweighs the power of birth” – Ekene Agabu.

This guy wrote a powerful note on Facebook that has caught everyone’s attention especially the ladies… most especially the men… (you all should read that note and share with others)

I went through the note and must confess that it’s life changing. One powerful sentence struck me in the note: “The power of conception outweighs the power of birth

Can this be true? I think so…

How else can we explain the birth of Jesus Christ’s without talking about the immaculate conception?

How else can we explain great innovations without talking about the concepts/ideas?

Can we give birth without conceiving?

How did we all get here? How did the universe come into life without the Creator’s grand concept/masterplan?

To conceive is to create; to become pregnant; the process of fertilization; to invent; to have faith; to form [from nothing];

The power of conception can only come from GOD.

Are we exploiting that power?

(: .ʇı ǝǝs ı ʎɐʍ ǝɥʇ s,ʇı


When Andrew Noseworthy asked Seth Godin how he would take over the world if he were another James Bond villian, Seth Godin simply replied and I quote:

I’d release a pheremone that increases the fear that people have about doing great things. It would only increase it by 3%, but that would be enough to wipe out most competition…

I hope that’s convincing enough for us all to overcome whatever fears we have: fear of starting, fear of failing, fear of living, fear of non-existence, fear of the future, and the fear list goes on…Φ

Lessons from ROMA 2009

I had earlier predicted a 2-0 victory in favour of Manchester United. Alas, I was wrong. The scoreline was 2-0 in favour of Barcelona FC.

Lessons I learnt:

1. There are somethings in life we just do not have any control over.

2. We can never successfully predict the future.

3. Our goals and plans can be totally disrupted and changed.

4. God knows everything and we should rely on HIM for everything including our future.

5. Our goals, aspiration, plans and dreams must be in accordance with the will of God.

6. If we must have faith in anything, that thing must fulfil God’s purpose else our faith will not work.

7. Things can turn around for good or for bad. Our reaction(s) to change is what makes the difference.

8. Do not base important life decisions on sentiments and horried conclusions. Think things through properly, weigh your options and make educated + informed decisions.

9. We are mere MORTALS. We totally need God to direct our paths.

10. If you lose today like ManUtd, you still have a chance to succeed tomorrow like Liverpool FC :D.

Can you add more to these please 🙂

Bill Gates a maniac?

Dear Bill Gates,

You are obviously successful. I watched your talk on TED regarding your Foundation initiatives on health and education. I visited your Foundation website and read your annual letter. I was 2 or 3 pages into the letter when I stopped to ponder on one word. A word you used twice in 2 pages.

the word? Maniacal(ly)

Why are you so in love with this word?

I want to believe that words like this summarizes who you are and what you stand for – I guess.

The first usage: “I felt I belonged in the software business, having thought about the engineering and the business possibilities maniacally from age 13.” 

The second usage: “However, I am equally confident that our maniacal focus on drawing in the best talent and measuring results will make a difference.”

Could this mean that you live and work with excessive enthusiasm and obsession? Or could it be that you are so widely disordered, as in ‘insane’? more like you neither follow the rules, the crowd nor status quo?

Could it be that this is what it takes for us to get to such heights as you have attained, in our career and life?

Do we have to live maniacally?

I wouldn’t await your response. I’d try to live maniacally or maybe with more passion and see if it’d make any difference in my life.

Happy maniacal weekend people.

Cheers 🙂

Different Races…


I’m currently in a client site and one of them who is also my friend just got me so excited.

We were discussing on his former colleague who “no one gave a chance” (in quotes) and now he’s somewhere in the US making a good living, bla bla bla.

To cut the long story short, he made one statement: “We are running different races” and I got so excited – because it made lot of sense.

And there it hit me – I Kings 18 v 44-46 :

In the later part of verse44, Elijah told his servant to tell Ahab to prepare his chariot and leave to avoid being stopped by the heavy rains.

In the next verse, Ahab rode away in his chariot to avoid the rain.

But this is where it gets interesting – verse 46:

“Then the hand of the LORD was on Elijah, and he girded up his loins (or robe) and outran Ahab to Jezreel”

How? How can mere legs outrun chariots?

That’s the beauty of life. Especially a life that has the hand of God in it.

No matter how far you think your peers have gone ahead of you…

No matter how ‘slow’ you think you are moving…

Just know that we are all running different races, we are on different journeys..

By the time God’s hands will touch you, you will outrun your ‘Ahabs‘. You will win the race.

Ecclesiastes 9:11(KJV)I… saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill…


Did I go AWOL? No. Far from it…

Ok.. Ok.. Yes, I’m sorry I din’t tell you I was leaving… But who tells?

Who even knows? It always happens suddenly…

Anybody can suddenly go out… seize to be present… a sudden exit !!

Anybody can just go AWOL!!

It isn’t entirely anybody’s fault that nobody knows… that nobody can tell the hour anybody would leave…

All anybody needs to go AWOL is to take a short dash out the door – without telling nobody… 

Oh yes, a short dash seperating presence from absence… birthday from deathday

Nobody knows when Anybody would go AWOL…

Truth is Nobody has the authority to give Anybody the permission to be absent in the first place… Nobody would even want Anybody absent!!

So, it all happens suddenly without Nobody giving Anybody any official leave of absence.

We are mere mortals. Always remember that.


Yeahhh it feels so good to be back after the short, eventful, ‘life-lessons-full’, stressful 1week away from blogging and blogsville

Some few minutes ago, I stumbled upon a post by Naijagirl. Powerful post (read it here)…

Plus I need to catch up with what’s been happening.. so, I’m off to your blog!!!…………. (what? you haven’t opened one yet? you’re not gay yet??? lol)

All the best..  Cheers 😀

The Chicken Theory!!


The theory

the theory


I just couldn’t hold it any longer, so I decided to share it. That’s what blogging does to you..

He had a dream. He was called a chicken in the dream. He felt embarrased. He complained when he arose in the morning – as he always does everyday – complain. He’s even called a chicken in real life.

He was pecking away at chops in the dream. He was crushing rocks and corns. Yet they referred to him as a chicken. Toothless. They said he had no action like the others – like the cows and cowboys.

He kept complaining – and coveting the cows and the cowboys, and felt he was just what he was – a chicken!!

Just before he woke up, he heard a loud voice saying:

A chicken eats corn, swallows pebbles yet she complains of having no teeth. Would she rather eat gold? Let her ask the cow that has teeth yet eats grasses.

Oro abo la so fun omoluabi, t’oba de inu a di odidi

Why Chris Hughes is Unique!!!


Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes


He is just 25years. He is the co-founder of Facebook. The guy who brought Obama to the world faster than any other media. He is the marketer extraordinare. The guy who coordinated my.barackobama.com. He was very instrumental to Obama’s online fame and ultimate presidency…

In case you did not know, by the time the campaign was over, volunteers had used My.BarackObama.com to:

–Create more than 2 million profiles

–Plan 200,000 real-world events

–Form 35,000 volunteer groups

–Post 400,000 blogs

–Raise $30 million on 70,000 people’s own fund-raising pages


Just thought I should share this with you. PLEASE read about this wonder boy here @  http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/134/boy-wonder.html

Ochuko’s blog is proud to feature Chris Hughes in the YouAreUnique series.

Easy Route to the Top…


"Easy climb - an alternative to wings" Title©Ochuko's Blog; Image©i.pbase.com

"Easy climb - an alternative to wings" Title©Ochuko's Blog; Image©i.pbase.com


Follow these simple steps for an easy alternative to top-up, recharge and add tremendous value to your life…

  1. Visit blogs and click on the subscribe via email links
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Confirm your email address via the link in the corresponding mail
  4. Start receiving and reading up people’s minds!!!

You are on!! It’s that simple!!

It’s an easy route to a better, successful lifenow that also depends on whose mind you are reading!!! ..lol..

Simple Tip:

Start with Ochuko’s Blogsubscribe here 🙂

then move on – in no particular order – to:


Rajesh Setty | Seth Godin | Ben Casnocha | Ramit Sethi | Hoehn’s

John Li’s | Ali’sBlog | Beplayful.org | Buttercup&Chari | Guy Kawasaki

Russell-Kelly| DannyBagucci | Blogoratti | Flygirl | Vera | Pharaz | Linda

Problogger | LagosMet | AfroWall | Addy Bardust | Canary Bird | Zukiswa

Sartorialist | Chahal | YPWR | Andrew Lynch | Lateral Action

Almostdailyexploits | Afrobabe | Naijagirl | Bombchell | KehindePopoola

Ideaconnection.com | Women’s Cafe | Funmi Iyanda | Sahara | IceQueen

Oyin | EroLyrics | Rethots | Fishbowldairies | H2O | RocNaija

 Olu.Scribe | Rougemanswitchedonnaija | Tigeress | Sturvs | Claire | Ezra 

and the list goes on…


(If I unintentionally omitted your blog, kindly post a comment with your URL :-)!! thanks…)


Let 6-Degrees-of-Seperation take over from here!!


Give yourself. Help others – In so doing, you help yourself!!

[Read The Free Theory…]

Cheers 😀

The Free Theory

I believe that the best things, ideas, products and innovations in life are FREE and should be FREE”

Whether it be man-made or natural..

This is what I believe.

For the not so good things, ideas, products and innovations, we can put a price tag so as to push for acceptance and make it look and feel valuable.

Free is the order of the Creator, the order of nature – free blood, free oxygen, free soil, free trees, free waters, free life, free salvation via Christ…

I’m not trying to preach here…even if I am trying to, you either take it or leave it – it’s my opinion – [well, you can key into it too 😉 ]

For those who are already grumbling inside, there’s a sweet side to this theory..

..the fact that greater than 90% of our outputs (ideas, products, etc) are not the best.. they tend towards the average mark.. mediocre..

..so, for these 90% of average output, you can put a price tag so as to make it look valuable (of which it isn’t the best and it isn’t so valuable in actual sense)

For the few very good/best outputs, it’s now up to you to intelligently make available these best products, ideas, books, art, time and so on, to those who are in dire need of it, for FREE!!!

Affect lives! Give freely the best things you can offer — and don’t forget to put a price tag to those that are not as good (of course you won’t forget this)!! 😀

Majority of our outputs are “not as good”… so if we (including myself) keep on spending all the days of our lives putting a price tag to every output, then probably we are not as good too – maybe we’re just average people then – mediocres.. maybe!!

Have a free weekend 🙂

One man gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want.” Proverbs 11:24


No matter what age you are, or what your circumstances might be, you are special, and you still have something unique to offer. Your life, because of who you are, has meaning.” Barbara DeAngelis


There is no Box!!


We all know the cliché – “Think outside the box”

We all use it.. We all say it…

Others will go further to say “Think around the box”

In my honest opinion, the mere mention of a box is limiting in itself.

Imagine having to freely think and freely innovate and freely explore and explode without the boxed limitations… This was Obama’s tactics to the White house – He packed up all the boxes!!

Another great example is Steve Jobs & Apple – these guys don’t know what a box is!!…

The box also doesn’t give room for Serendipity!!

Challenge the status quo – be unboxed!!

Think without the box.. cos the box does not exist!!

Think about it….

The Beauty of Randomness..

I thought it would be easy to write about randomness, but the more I tried, the harder and more interesting it became…

One thing I know is that it is one of the most powerful tools we have as humans…

The power to be random..

I decided to visit Ben…and there it was.. a great article on Randomness.. by Ben Casnocha (a blogger and blog I love)..

He said an I quote: “Expose yourself to bulk positive randomness and be ready to take advantage of it”..

He goes further to break it down by saying – 

Exposing yourself means that you should take in as much experience as possible, get lots of info, read lots of books(i’m so guilty- i don’t read), always seek for new experiences, try hearing others point of views, and the part I like most – “Be in a mindset that allows your deepest assumptions to be challenged” – which is a major essence of randomness…

Bulk means look for numbers.. a large concentration of getting these random exposures…

Positive of course the random thing should be positive.. there’s no point having a negative random exposure/experience/thought…

Take Advantage of .. simply means siezing the moment.. for example

If while going to your daily routine 9-5, you come across this new random thing/place/activity, why not postpone your routine journey, explore this new random and sieze the moment…

Or if you’re always on the life’s fast lane, why don’t you do a random swear to celibacy (now this is not about sex alone – money, drugs, theft, corruption, whatever…) 😀

If you’ve never blogged, and all you do is read up other blogs, why don’t you randomly open a blog on blogger or wordpress or typepad and blog away…

Or if while walking to the library, you discover a Little Venice in London(LVIL) :-), then postpone your trek, explore it and sieze the moment…

Or if it’s only one genre of music you listen to, why not randomly switch to someother genre…

Or there’s this cute guy/gal, why not… u know what to do!! 🙂

…the list goes on… it’s all random… Just Do It!!

Randomness – you can’t spell it too.. Just feel it!!

View the Ben Casnocha’s Article on Randomness

Enjoy your weekend!! 😀

_______Random Update – not part of original post________

I just did a random thing – I was at a popular GTBank’s branch somewhere in the heart Surulere, Lagos – and I saw a beautiful young lady – she was cute and beautiful – but she was busy…

..so I scribbled down a random note:

                    “You are beautiful 🙂 …

                   … ochuko.wordpress.com

At least I got a “thank you” before leaving.. lol… so if she’s reading this, she should notify me – even if it’s her nickname, I’d like to know…lol  


Morale of story – Randomness just added me a new random beautiful ‘friend’ and I’m also sure it added a smile to her face and boosted her morale today… 😀

Spell it!!

As humans, we always make attempts to define or describe or spell out things or actions…

An example of such would be ‘hissing‘… there’s this long hiss that ladies know how to do well – esp. in Africa – and people have made attempts to spell this:

I believe the closest hiss spellings are “kpsheww“… or “hmmsheewww“…

Another example of such is “arrghhhh“…

It’s great to be able to put these actions into letters… but I’d give you one of such actions you can NEVER spell out.. NEVER… you want to try it?

Action: Take a deep loud breath…

Now spell the sound made!! (I’d be waiting for your answers… forever… lol)

In essence, what I’m driving at is that there are some things we shouldn’t try putting out in letters… we shouldn’t attempt to mis- tag/mis- define/mis- spell… we can only FEEL them, we can only DO them…

Things like LOVE… Just feel it – take it in…

…don’t try tagging or spelling it.. don’t say it’s blind… or that it doesn’t exists… or that there isn’t a true love… or that you can’t fall in it…

…it’s like a deep breath that can’t be spelt!! You can only do it, feel it and try to describe it!!!

Freely FEEL it, GIVE it, RECEIVE it!!

I saw a great article today – please read it!! GREAT IMPRESSIONS!!



Ochuko’s Blog

“I’m 30 today!!”

😀       Hurray!!..      😀

30..of raw happiness

30..of sharing and giving

30..of making new friends

30..of doing a new thing and loving it

30..of having a sense of fulfilment

30..of openess

30..of sleeping average 3hours daily

30..of self improvement

30..of self correction

30..of learning new things from everything and everyone

30..of asking questions

30..of looking beyond challenges

30..of just believing ..in God and hope

30..of not assuming

30..of 6 degrees of seperation

30..of you making it all worthwhile

30..of anticipating a lovely tomorrow.. because of YOU too..

30..of trying to focus

30..of giving blogging a go

30..of trying to add value in the little way ‘we’ can

30..of innocence, exploring and seeking direction

30..of trying to be a doer!

30..of seeing things in a different light!

30 DAYS of re.discovery and re.discovering

30 DAYS of Ochuko’s Blog!!

Yeah, it has been of one the best 30 DAYS…

It’s called counting your days!! 😀

It’s a Sign..


It’s a Sign..!!


Just said I should drop this after reading someone’s Facebook status message… it read thus:

I saw a squirrel today..that’s a good sign people..

Now, whatever this might have meant to the author, I don’t know.. but what I know is that there are better signs..

Signs like:

I woke up today.. I should be grateful

I can breathe.. I should be grateful

I have another shot at life today.. I should be grateful

There is hope..

It doesn’t cost me anything to smile..yet!”

I don’t have to pay money to laugh..yet!”

No better signs than these!! So.. we all see signs daily.. except we’ve been ignorant of these..


I slept with her..


the morning after...

the morning after...


I slept with her till dawn.. till the sun rose on my face.. till I covered my face from it’s rays.. till I realised the damage caused by her presence.

She seduced me violently.. I succumbed.. I yielded.. Hell was let loose.. and now I’m sorry.

I never knew I’d have her in till day break.. I never knew it would have such bad effects.. Now it affects me and my health and my state of mind and everything.  Ohhh, it pains me babe..

I can’t think clearly!!

Yes, I yielded to her. I slept with her.. and in hindsight, a great damage beyond repairs had been made.

I remembered the sayings in the Holy Scriptures about not allowing her to stay over even before the sun goes down.. saying I should discard her before evening.. Alas I din’t listen, I din’t obey…

Yes I remembered. It could have been avoided. All the damage. All the regrets…

I slept with Anger in my heart.. I slept with her till the sun went down.. and until the sun rose over my face..

Never let the sun set over anger within you.. Never let her stay with you till night..

She’s only a useful friend on the short run.. and a no gooder afterwards and should be discarded almost immediately.

Think before you take her to bed!!! It isn’t worth it!! She aint worth you!!

You can control anger. Don’t let it seduce you. Cos the damages it causes could be beyond repairs!!!

A word is enough for the wise.

Ephesians 4:26 – “In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold”

nb: image from stockvault.net


Today’s the first day of the second month of the year 2009 (1.F.9)

So far, 2009 has been interesting. We’ve had 31days of hot and interesting news. On top of that list is the “Global economic meltdown”. Layoffs. Debts. Bankruptcy. Lies. Deception. Opaque governments and corporations.

A very good friend of mine narrated to me on friday how his employer laid off half of the employees (fortunately, he was retained). Another good friend of mine was laid off. Another friend of mine was also laid off. Stockbroking firms are laying off. Some banks are silently preparing to lay off. Companies are cutting costs…and the list goes on!

Truth is any one can be affected. My parents were once affected with a sick company that went down too.. I could be affected. No one knows who’d be next.

Just in case you don’t know – Be prepared!

It could be a very bitter and shocking experience, but I hope these points will go a long way in helping:


1. Know that in life, we will have bad days. There will be setbacks. We will have more than our fair share of failures. But at the end of the day, you pick yourself up and keep going. That’s the Big Secret of Life. You fall down, you get up

2. Don’t take it personally. Try not to let your job loss eat at your self-esteem. You are much more than the job!!

3. Don’t panic. Don’t be scared. Any sudden life change can seem like the end of the world. It’s not. Take time to breathe. Gather your wits and move forward.

4. It’s time to use your networks. You network connections.  Reach out to all professional and social contacts, old friends, family, etc.. You may find a new job through them, or you could do some business or derive some other benefits.

5. Try to make sure you lower down on your expenses. Check your spendings and your lifestyle.

6. Be flexible. Open your mind. Do not close your mind to new suggestions or career or business ideas (especially IT guys.. u always feel it’s all about coding and computers..lol)

7. Go to church. Be close to God.

8. Read this article

9. Keep walking!!

If you still have your job, start a second job now! or create a new business/company by the side.. you may think you don’t need this piece – well someone you know might need this..

Enter the new week with positive optimism. Take charge!!

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The Masterplan!!

As we enter the new week, know this: You are in God’s masterplan. I am in God’s masterplan.. You don’t need to worry about any thing.. Need I say more?.. To crown it up, please watch this video from my favorite artiste, the chocolate angel- India.Arie…Read lyrics below..

The Creator has a Masterplan


There was a time, when peace was on the earth,
And joy and happiness did reign and each man knew his worth.
In my heart how I yearn for that spirit’s return
And I cry, as time flies,
Om, Om.There is a place where love forever shines
And rainbows are the shadows of a presence so divine
And the glow of that love lights the heavens above
And it’s free, can’t you see, come with me,

The creator has a master plan, 
peace and happiness for every man
The creator has a working plan,
peace and happiness for every man
The creator makes but one demand,
happiness through all the land

(music and lyrics copyright 1968 by Pharoah Sanders and Leon Thomas)

I stole from God!

Yes I stole. And I’m sorry I stole. I had been a thief all this while. I was a thief.

One of my escapades: It was that time of the month when we all get some relief in the form of paycheques, wages, salaries, pocket moneys, investment liquidation, cash gifts and so on.. There was this young man who God’s blessed with a job. He collected his pay and put it in a bag.. He left his bag in a room…

…As I saw him step out without his bag, I went in, opened it and.. Yes, I did…

I stole. I stole just a little. I stole just a tenth. Just 10% of his total pay….

Yes! I stole from me. I stole from my own bag!!..

Sounds weird right? How do I mean? How can I steal from myself?

Here’s how: God provides us with blessings no matter how small. He provides us with income. Yet we rob God of His blessings. We try to steal the blessings He has freely given us……we steal from ourselves! How weird!

1/10th of our income is for God. Don’t steal it.  It’s just 0.1!! wouldn’t hurt!!

The month is almost coming to an end, those of us who earn salaries should be receiving some pay soon – Don’t steal from yourself. Don’t steal from God. Pay your tithe.

I will not steal from God this month. I will pay mine. Don’t know about you!!

Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings – Malachi III v VIII

(A Hearty Congratulations to my dearest sister who convocated today with an MBA)

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Here’s a good piece on personal finance from Blogoratti

I’m in huge debt!!

It’s funny that barely a week into starting this whole thing, I am boring you with my debt story.. ok, ok, before you stop reading.. here’s the whole truth!

Every day I wake up, I always owe people..Everyday!

The irony of it all is that I have the means to repay these debts, but I just don’t.. or I settle the debt in half measures..

I’m a miser.. and the amount of debt keeps increasing daily.. How do I go about this?

I know the question on your mind – Who am I owing, What am I owing? and how much am I owing?

Let me answer straight away:

I owe YOU. I owe EVERYONE. I owe LOVE…………….

We are all Debtors!! We owe eachother LOVE!! Don’t pile up debts.. Have a repayment plan now. Start settling your debt – everyday.

I will start right away. Would you?

(Also, Congrats to Obama and America)

44th Position… Whaaaat??

I’m not happy as I type this.. I left my “9-5” early today.. (incase you don’t know what my 9-5 is, check here)…

On getting home, my beautiful kid sister (she’s the last born) came in from school. “I brought my report card”, she said.. “Wow, what’s your position?”, I asked..

“I came 44th out of 50 students..”

“Whaaaaaaaaaat?”, I screamed.. “I’m dissapointed in you.. How could you..”, I barked annoyingly………

“But I’m in the special class and it’s not really a bad result….bla bla bla”, she tried explaining.

Ok, I left her.. I relaxed my brains.. I thought deeply..

Here I was shouting at her for “failing”, here I was disappointed in her for not “coming 1st”… here I was fuming…

Suddenly, something struck me – “Was the result not expected?”.. “Why was I dissapointed?”.. “What actions did I take to avoid the 44th postion?”

I was not a doer.. I was always late from work.. I never asked her about her academics.. I never revised her subjects with her.. I never visited her school for once to see how she was doing.. 

So why was I shocked with the 44th position?”

Life teaches us lessons daily.  The 44th position is no exception.

How many times have we been dissapointed with happenings around us. What is that 44th position in your life that you are faced with? What is that 44th position career/business/relationship/dream/idea?

Going forward: Relax your brains, think deeply.. What actions did you take to avoid the 44th position.. What actions will you take from today to avoid future 44th positions?

It’s all on YOU.. It’s all on ME.. It’s my fault.. It’s your fault.. The 44th position.. You are to blame.. I am to blame..

I apologised to her. I’ll now begin taking steps to make sure she’s in the top 3 of her class this term.

Dear reader, Avoid the 44th position.

You can start right away by airing your views and voting on “Would you show your child?

Take charge!!


2009 is moving fast, we’re already in the 3rd week.. We are grateful for life..

As we enter this new week, why not ponder on the PHI concept and make it work for you.. In very simple terms, PHI is the golden ratio – represented by 1.618033988749895.. this number is packed with possibilities and mysteries.. I would not go into a lot of details about this number, you can read that up here.

It is used in architecture, art, engineering, in the creation of you and me…and the list goes on….


Believe in yourself. You are perfect. You are beautiful. You are made in the Creator’s image.

I am beautiful. I am lovely. I am intelligent. I am a success.

(coincidentally, my initials when joined together in the same axis give the greek letter – PHI)

In the coming days, this blog will be hosting a couple of interviews with unique personalities.. It promises to be exciting. You don’t want to miss it. Stay tuned.

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Do have a great week.