Pegs and Holes

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How do you explain this to a potential employer?

That the reason you never stayed at a job for long

and found it hard having a job description

or why you never knew how to answer the “purpose” or “5 years time” question

or why you don’t have a particular ‘set of skills‘…

is because maybe you’re just okay with being a Catalyst.

or so you think.


๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€



There’s always something behind that action you took

or are about to take.

Why are you working where you are working?

Why are you in that relationship?

Why do you want to become the President or go into politics?

Some motives are good, some bad., making a difference, sex, envy, love, etc..

Sometimes, we deceive ourselves on our true motives.

BUT one thing is sure, we are NOT ignorant of our motives.

Search yourself. Watch that motive.


A million soldiers

A million soldiers

A million soldiers


We are scared of opening up our hearts;

scared of being vulnerable…

probably due to previous experiences

or because we feel secured in our shell and guard.

Truth is, we miss out on the interesting things in life when we do this:

the tears, the thrill, the love, the warmth, the hurts,

the joy of forgiveness, etc…

Open up your heart!

Trust and love freely.


[“a million soldiers” was inspired by a valuable discussion I had late last night/early this morning with a friend ๐Ÿ™‚ ]




Hugh McLeod says everyone has their own private mountain everest they were put in this world to climb.

However, I will add one more option – the last on the list.

Choose wisely.


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Satan can’t fly

Satan can't fly

Satan can't fly

One day, I was discussing with an elderly man – a wise man indeed.

He told me how important it is that we move forward in life..

..academically, socially, financially, politically and so on.

He also told me that satan can also move back and forth on the same plane.

He added that for us to avoid satan, it is important we move up as we move forward.

And I asked, “How can we move up?”;

He replied, “You move up spiritually!”

What do these humans do?

Welcome to Blackboard. Illustrations/Art straight from the heart.

What do these humans do?

What do these humans do?

There’s something about the way we view people/things not within our “circle of the known” (i.e friends, relatives, fellow citizens, etc).
For instance, I can’t differentiate a Japanese from a Chinese or Korean; To me, they all look alike – Asians…however, on a closer look, they actually have very noticeable differences.
The same goes for the way non-Africans look at Africans or non-Nigerians view Nigerians and can’t really differentiate between Yorubas, Ibos or Hausas, etc…

Same goes for the way we view on our leaders (at home, school, office, nation, etc).

Same goes for the way Christians view non-Christians; Muslims..non-Muslims, pagans..non-pagans.

If only we’d step out of our comfort circle of ‘idea’ or ‘notion’ about something, someone or group of people; only then can we see the beauty of the other things and what they are made of, things they can do, the differences they can make.

Same goes: human definitely have sex. It’s what they do. It’s not all they do!

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