"True Love"***

Love should be expressed in words and action


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Spell it!!

As humans, we always make attempts to define or describe or spell out things or actions…

An example of such would be ‘hissing‘… there’s this long hiss that ladies know how to do well – esp. in Africa – and people have made attempts to spell this:

I believe the closest hiss spellings are “kpsheww“… or “hmmsheewww“…

Another example of such is “arrghhhh“…

It’s great to be able to put these actions into letters… but I’d give you one of such actions you can NEVER spell out.. NEVER… you want to try it?

Action: Take a deep loud breath…

Now spell the sound made!! (I’d be waiting for your answers… forever… lol)

In essence, what I’m driving at is that there are some things we shouldn’t try putting out in letters… we shouldn’t attempt to mis- tag/mis- define/mis- spell… we can only FEEL them, we can only DO them…

Things like LOVE… Just feel it – take it in…

…don’t try tagging or spelling it.. don’t say it’s blind… or that it doesn’t exists… or that there isn’t a true love… or that you can’t fall in it…

…it’s like a deep breath that can’t be spelt!! You can only do it, feel it and try to describe it!!!

Freely FEEL it, GIVE it, RECEIVE it!!

I saw a great article today – please read it!! GREAT IMPRESSIONS!!



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Happy Valentines Day

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Wishing YOU a happy vals day.

Enjoy today to the MAX!!!

…and don’t forget to say I Love You as many times as possible…and mean it!!


…Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or Bends with the remover to remove.
O, no! It is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests and is never shaken..

— William Shakespeare

Layers and Cold..!!

 How are you coping with the less-than-zero temperatures?

“..The layers we heap on ourselves do the trick..”

That was all I needed to hear.. Those words struck me..

In life, we experience severe storms, severe ‘colds’, severe discomfort…

…but the ‘layers’.. the layers of love.. the layers of hope.. the layers of friends.. the layers of perseverance.. the layers of hardwork.. the layers of step-by-step.. the layers of positive thoughts.. the layers of seeking advice.. the layers of family.. the layers of God’s word…………

All these help us manage the Cold.. Wear your layers today!!!


Happy news!! India Arie’s Testimony Vol2: Love & Politics is out 😀 😀 😀

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Cheers 🙂

Just in case..

Just a quick reminder..

Just in case you forgot.. or you din’t know..

Just in case you remember but just don’t care..

Just in case you are only so concerned about yourself..

Just in case..

I just want to remind you.. or tell you.. or introduce to you..

..that there are orphans and  orphanages – you can visit and donate to them!

..that there are bed-ridden individuals, who need love and care!

..that there are refugees and refugee camps near you!

..that there are jobless, unemployed youths around you that you can help!

..that there are people who all they need is a Kiva loan – you can donate!

..that there are old people and old peoples’ homes – you can visit and donate food, money, etc!

..that there are the not-so-privileged ones who have no homes, roam about and are taking over by devil and vices – you can gather some and cause changes in their lives!

..that there are children who eat once in a week – get info from unicef or your country specific NGOs, non-profits, etc!

..that there are people who just need love – show it to them!

..that there are children who could be adopted by you – yes You and me!

..that there are kids who don’t go to school – you can sponsor one or two!

..that these and many more are all around us!

Just in case you din’t know or just don’t care! Now you know!

If you’ve known, kindly add more to this list in your comments…

I’m in huge debt!!

It’s funny that barely a week into starting this whole thing, I am boring you with my debt story.. ok, ok, before you stop reading.. here’s the whole truth!

Every day I wake up, I always owe people..Everyday!

The irony of it all is that I have the means to repay these debts, but I just don’t.. or I settle the debt in half measures..

I’m a miser.. and the amount of debt keeps increasing daily.. How do I go about this?

I know the question on your mind – Who am I owing, What am I owing? and how much am I owing?

Let me answer straight away:

I owe YOU. I owe EVERYONE. I owe LOVE…………….

We are all Debtors!! We owe eachother LOVE!! Don’t pile up debts.. Have a repayment plan now. Start settling your debt – everyday.

I will start right away. Would you?

(Also, Congrats to Obama and America)

Would You show your Child?

Hi all, today’s a bright day.. still in the early stages of romance with blogging 🙂 Please take time to respond to this poll.. as it would go a long way in helping in the fight against sexual mis-information and sex education..

Warning: Genitalia

Talking about sex education and prevention of HIV/AIDS: I came across some very educating images on, view images here

[Please NOTE that having an STD does not make one a horrible, disgusting person.]

Would you show your child(ren) these images? Would you talk to them about these ? Do you think showing them these things early in life would help reduce the “spread”? Thanks for voting.

Vote Now