The end

Dear Friends,

Trust you & yours are doing fine.

It’s hard to say that this might be the last post on Ochuko’s Blog.

I do not intend to update this blog anytime soon and felt it polite to let you know.

I sincerely appreciate you and your invaluable contribution to this blog from the very first post.

I can be reached on

Thanks…a lot! Keep sharing & loving.

All the very best.



I’m not dead..

…What if i was? how would you know? how would readers of this blog know? and beautiful tweeps? and the FB crew?

Ok, that’s an issue for another day.

I’ve missed blogging. I’ve missed you all. I’m SORRY. 🙂

In fact, there’s no excuse for not putting up posts. So I won’t go into details.

One sure thing was metamorphosis was doing it’s thing. Talking about metamorphosis, which is the main theme of this blog, I have been battling about the direction of Ochuko’s blog. Where’s the blog going? has this blog really added any value to readers? has it added any value to me? do I keep writing from my heart or make posts more formal? and a whole lot of questions and evaluations.

And then it struck me: “You don’t stop your fast moving car on the expressway just because you are thinking about how better the car will get with new alloy wheels or solid leather seats or a better sound system…” You just DON’T do such things.

So, KEEP MOVING. While moving, plan, change, drop, clean-up, fix, learn, try, test, re-brand.. but keep moving. The success and joy is in the journey. Keep moving people.

Thanks to everyone who kept keeping in touch and urging me to get my a** back on track. 😀

I’m back for real. I’m not dead. Just a phase. Just metamorphosis.. and it was a positive one.

I’m doing more twitter these days too. Follow me: @ochukosblog

Hey.. and Vera’s online radio show.. hmm interesting stuff, you should listen in on it. Visit here for more info.

Cheers people.

Much Love.

Ochuko 🙂

90Days of blogging!!!

This is a compilation of topics on Ochuko’s Blog since inception to date. Hope you enjoy it.

Quote: “The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Just in case you didn’t know my gay secrets and that I slept with her and also that I stole from God, now you know. I did it because I’m in huge debt. All I was trying to do was making a difference because I was feeling squeezed inside – because I need you..badly but you were always giving me clueless talks and giggles on our sex and secrets and how you knew only a little about me…?

On the 1st saturday when I was out on the road, I saw someone with bread on the head shouting about the masterplan, saying that it’s finally here, and I asked: “Would you show your child?“, he replied that he wouldn’t but that It’s a sign, and that he would keep it in the secret box. I said but there is no box!! He replied that he would make use of the strong room’s safe in the 44th position.

Anyways, we spoke about a variety of topics which included my real age, patent helmets and his danceable abilities. It was a great chat that left us relieved inside. He stayed till February 14th and I wished him a Happy Valentine’s Day even though it was cold and snowing, but the Layers we heap on ourselves did the trick. Basically the Layers and Cold dealt with eachother.

I also remember during the annual Spell It competition, a mobile blogger talked to me about the beauty of randomness and the free theory, and when she was through, I found out in just a week that the easy route to the top is to be scraply honest and to Just do it at all times, even if it means struggling for merit or mercy, in all these, you’ll never walk alone.

On sunday, I met an old friend called Desiderata, who was talking with the most beautiful woman on earth. She’s the One who asked me of what purpose the name Phi meant. I explained that it is one of the Life proofs of the existence of a Creator. Just before she left, she said: “You are unique“, and handed me a book titled “The handsome face or The bucks” that included a chapter on The Chicken Theory.

Ok, that’s it for now, I’m off to the workshop on Project Management so that I can equip myself to avoid the regular 9-5 grumblings.


Ochuko’s Blog is a blog that seeks to affect lives positively via the use of practical illustrations, personal experiences of the author and of others, sharing of ideas and asking of questions and also via giving of ideas and everything that can be given via a blog.

Hope this vision gets improved upon and better as the days go by. It’s called counting your days!!

Join us in the celebration of giving. Imagine not opening this blog on January 12th? Would I have just been another faceless human doing the rat race, just passing through life without adding any value to the world?


Cheers 🙂

Thanks for visiting and sharing these posts with others. We love you,

Ochuko’s Blog

The Free Theory

I believe that the best things, ideas, products and innovations in life are FREE and should be FREE”

Whether it be man-made or natural..

This is what I believe.

For the not so good things, ideas, products and innovations, we can put a price tag so as to push for acceptance and make it look and feel valuable.

Free is the order of the Creator, the order of nature – free blood, free oxygen, free soil, free trees, free waters, free life, free salvation via Christ…

I’m not trying to preach here…even if I am trying to, you either take it or leave it – it’s my opinion – [well, you can key into it too 😉 ]

For those who are already grumbling inside, there’s a sweet side to this theory..

..the fact that greater than 90% of our outputs (ideas, products, etc) are not the best.. they tend towards the average mark.. mediocre.., for these 90% of average output, you can put a price tag so as to make it look valuable (of which it isn’t the best and it isn’t so valuable in actual sense)

For the few very good/best outputs, it’s now up to you to intelligently make available these best products, ideas, books, art, time and so on, to those who are in dire need of it, for FREE!!!

Affect lives! Give freely the best things you can offer — and don’t forget to put a price tag to those that are not as good (of course you won’t forget this)!! 😀

Majority of our outputs are “not as good”… so if we (including myself) keep on spending all the days of our lives putting a price tag to every output, then probably we are not as good too – maybe we’re just average people then – mediocres.. maybe!!

Have a free weekend 🙂

One man gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want.” Proverbs 11:24


No matter what age you are, or what your circumstances might be, you are special, and you still have something unique to offer. Your life, because of who you are, has meaning.” Barbara DeAngelis


Patent Helmet!!

Ideas for life series..

What I’m about to say will affect more than 20Million humans… is demanded by 20Million… and there’s no supply yet!!

It is now mandatory especially in a state called Lagos, in a country called Nigeria for everyone who rides on a motorbike (which is a popular means of short distance transportation), to wear helmets… crash helmets…

Now, this is a good thing – it reduces rate of head injuries in the event of an accident… but there is a negative side to this!

I’d randomly say that for each passenger helmet per bike, at least 100 people would use the same helmet daily (source: my layman math).. 75 of whom do not use handkerchiefs or headties(even this isn’t safe).. 100 of whom would likely sweat in it… 50 of whom have a few skin/hair ‘deviations’ – ranging from pimples (like mine 🙂 ) to dandruff to ‘over make-up’, pancake, worms, fungal/bacterial infects and other advanced skin ‘deviations’… sooooo, the solution?

..Meet FOLDABLE HELMET!!! <ok, I’ve not patented it yet!!.. you are free to go ahead :D>

It’s simple; It’s portable.. easy to carry around; It’s good looking; It’s a work of art; It probably looks like a small writepad; It’s chic; It’s classy; It’s foldable… It’s yours, it’s mine.. wouldn’t share with anyone!! It’s the solution helmet!! The Patent Helmet!! The Potent Helmet!!

Go ahead. Innovate. Build it. Sell it. Make profit. Whatever…

It’s a multi million naira idea. It’s free. It’s the first in Ochuko’s Blog Ideas for Life series…..

< During the bubble, I’d always be available for consultancy and profit sharing 😀 >

When you see foldable helmets with everyone,… you know where it came from right?.. lol…


(I was meant to write on something else today, but it’s huge and it’s delicate, so I postponed…)


A little about Ochuko’s Blog Ideas for Life series – it’s simply a series of raw, innovative, profitable and FREE ideas shared… just about Giving!!